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Destroying the secret behind the Covenant.

Destroying the Secret Behind the Covenant by Rev. Paul Seadey

Secret Behind Covenants

Welcome to listening to this message of Destroying the Secret Behind the Covenant.

Dearly beloved, the Lord God of heaven from whom all power over heaven and earth is derived, has chosen to speak to you a mere mortal. It is with this confidence in the name of Jesus that I greet you and I declare that by the time I am through with you, something will shift in the spirit and your redemption shall make meaning and be profitable to you by the power and the Spirit of God.

As I said earlier, whatever you have been dedicated to, you will end up being tied or bound by it.

Bible says in Romans 12:1

I appeal to you therefore, brethren, and beg of you in view of [all] the mercies of God, to make a decisive dedication of your bodies [presenting all your members and faculties] as a living sacrifice, holy (devoted, consecrated) and well pleasing to God, which is your reasonable (rational, intelligent) service and spiritual worship.

Now, until you present or dedicate yourself; soul and the members of your body, you cannot go to the next level which is the verse 2.

Do not be conformed to this world (this age), [fashioned after and adapted to its external, superficial customs], but be transformed (changed) by the [entire] renewal of your mind [by its new ideals and its new attitude], so that you may prove [for yourselves] what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God, even the thing which is good and acceptable and perfect [in His sight for you].

This means that whatever you have been dedicated to will ensure you conform to the covenant that is underpinning that dedication and the covenant that underpins that dedication determines what becomes of your life and the outcome of the circumstances of your life.

So you need to understand that what you think or do, which is not in line with the authority behind the covenant that underpins the dedication contracted on your behalf,will not fly anywhere.

If the covenant that underpins that dedication is through the shrine, dedicated to anything, consecrated to anything in the past, whatever you were dedicated to, if it is not within the contractual details that men should travel abroad, you can change your passport 10 times, you still won’t get a visa until the secret behind that covenant is destroyed because it is the secret, which is the reason, that gives you the key so you need to understand.

Hannah had other 5 children but they were not dedicated or covenanted to the Lord. They grew up and were never disturbed on the path they charted for themselves but Samuel could not be anything outside the covenant or the dedication that his mother made. The 5 other children had no problem. They went their way and became anything they wanted to be but Samuel could not become anything else but a prophet. And all that came through Samuel, could not become anything else. Joel could not become anything else, Abijah could not become anything else but a judge and a priest.

Child of God, there are so many people today whose lives have been tied before they were born because their mother or grandmother or their great grandmother was dedicated to a shrine. Whether you know about it or not it is binding. Such people know what to do, how to do them and even when to do them but they have no evidence of success because they have been tied.

When you are a direct descendant of a particular person that has been dedicated to an evil altar or dedicated to a shrine or dedicated to a river or if by any demonic assistance that the person came through and you are the descendants, there are 7 things that you need to watch out for throughout the lineage of that person. What are these 7 things?

  1. Everybody in the family, man or woman experiences backwardness in life. At a point in time, they start declining in success and never to be exalted.
  2. Chronic financial difficulties from the first born to the last born and even when the family gathers at a funeral to even bury their loved one, they struggle a lot to raise funds.
  3. Their men go into marriage and are married to women with 2 or 3 children. Their women also go into marriage and are married to either men with 2 or 3 children but they themselves cannot bear children. So in that marriage they are more like nannies or are just providing to take care of another man’s seed.
  4. Strange illnesses. Cancer of the liver, cancer of the brain, cervical cancer etc. strange diseases that are not common to men are what happens to them in the family. When you are from such a background these are the signs you have to watch out for
  5. Stagnation and undue delay. They become stagnant, never to progress again. Even when they are married their child bearing delays. Almost everything delays.
  6. Near success syndrome. Just when they are close to making it, something happens like a trigger. Something is activated, something goes off and they have to repeat the whole process or cycle.
  7. Premature death just at the point of success. They struggle through life and when they see light at the end of the tunnel, something mysteriously cuts their life off.

When you see these signs it is an indication that the person you are descending from, the person who is the progenitor, who is your predecessor, your grandparents or someone from who you came and of whom you are their stalk, such a person was dedicated to a strange altar or a demon or a shrine.

Then also, individually, members in that family also experience the following events in their lives. Just like when someone is suffering from malaria and you want to find out what kind of Malaria, they exhibit particular signs that show that they have that Malaria. These events happen.

  1. Disappointment are always the end results of everything they are pursuing. Whatever they are pursuing, the end of it results in disappointment
  2. They also sow much but reap very little. They can invest GHC 1000 and reap only GHC 150. GHC 850 will be lost and become debt for them to be paying. And if God doesn’t intervene, it will linger on.
  3. They are denied what they are qualified for. Somebody who is less qualified for what is at stake is exalted and given preeminence over you who is qualified for that thing.
  4. They have potentials and gifts but it will not benefit them but will only benefit others.

These are events and if you are not sensitive and very observant, you can’t even see it. And it is an indication that something from your past, something running through your blood, something from where you came from, something where you were dedicated or something your grandparents were dedicated to is gradually eroding your greatness and there is the need for you to rise and deal with the situation.

  1. They are also always engaged in the wrong things or ventures but they will only know that it is a wrong thing or venture only at the time of harvest.
  2. When they are absent, their presence is not felt and when they are present their absence is felt.
  3. Their lives do not impact their generation.
  4. No matter how hard they please people, people never please them or even show them sympathy.
  5. They struggle in everything that they try their hands on.

These are the few events that be shroud, be crowd or that comes upon such an individual ; that is he whose parent is a stalk of somebody dedicated to a shrine. But today I stand by the authority of the blood of jesus and I speak by the arrow of God’s deliverance. I stir up the hand of Jehovah and I take fire and I mix the blood and lightning and thunder with my prayer on your behalf and I release the arrow of God’s deliverance.

Any giant at the gate of your father, any giant at the gate of your mother who has been ordained to oppose your deliverance, oppose your greatness, oppose your exaltation, oppose your fruitfulness, oppose your traveling, oppose your business, oppose your star, oppose you from coming into prominence, today by the arrow of God’s deliverance I declare let them fall by the power of the Spirit of God.

I declare by the sanctioning power and the restraining power of the blood of jesus that any record or account that they have on the progenitor of your family, paternally or maternally, that they are holding you responsible and accountable for that the record they have on you over that gate, that house demands that you should not go or be given into marriage, you should not travel, you shold not be great, you should not have possessions, your name should not count or amount to anything, today I command the consuming fire that the record in the name of Jesus be consumed by fire.

Now I declare, any incision on your body, any demonic food as a spiritual food by tradition, by custom by right that they have planted in your soul, that you gave your consent to either by dream or at a funeral that they brought you that have the power of that giant today in the name of Jesus I flash it out of your body and that of your soul and I speak the hand of the Lord as fire to enter your womb, your belly, your mind, your records in the name of Jesus. Whatever is not of God let it be divinely edited and be uprooted for bible says that which the father has not planted, I the Lord I shall uproot. I uproot that curse, I uproot every planting of the enemy that by means of the dedication and the covenant that underpins that dedication is holding on you, let your chains break, let your yoke break by the power of the Spirit of God.


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