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May 17, 2018

Human-Sponsored Handwritten Ordinance against your Destiny

Plot Against Destiny

Everything that is off wicked origin is authored by Satan. He is always devising means to rule over the elect of God in order to prevent them from fulfilling their purpose. He has a plan for individuals, families, communities, cities, towns, tribes and nations.

Satan knows that anything God is interested in is trans-generational so he also becomes interested and establishes accumulated record and foothold in the life of an individual in order to have a plan that is parallel to hat of God. So he establishes handwriting of evil ordinances accumulated over a long period of time through our blood relations.

Our relations in their desperation for instant solutions and quick fix, they consulted things in the past and met certain conditions to obtain their kind of results outside of God’s will and this has become an accumulated record of evil handwriting with specific time limits and specific events that are bound to happen to their generations after them. Whether you believe it or not, it is still binding on you. You may not suffer it now but it could be ahead of you and will render you empty-handed.


IN THE beginning [before all time] was the Word (Christ), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God Himself. [Isa. 9:6.]

2 He was present originally with God.

3 All things were made and came into existence through Him; and without Him was not even one thing made that has come into being.

4 In Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of men.

5 And the Light shines on in the darkness, for the darkness has never overpowered it [put it out or absorbed it or appropriated it, and is unreceptive to it].

6 There came a man sent from God, whose name was John.

7 This man came to witness, that he might testify of the Light, that all men might believe in it [adhere to it, trust it, and rely upon it] through him.

He was not the Light himself, but came that he might bear witness regarding the Light.

9 There it was–the true Light [was then] coming into the world [the genuine, perfect, steadfast Light] that illumines every person.


The word of God has all the qualities for eternity and by this the word of God has become the wavelength on which all the purposes of God are transmitted from eternity to time. When you operate with the scriptures, you operate in the natural realm into eternity and eternity can also deal with you on the basis of the word of God.

So the word of God works for those who believe in it. It has become the ordinance of handwriting of ordinance of God for the believer. So God can do nothing for the believer outside of the word of God. So believers can hold God accountable for their actions.

So once you come to Him with this word He will act on His word to set you free in Jesus name, Amen.



There is nothing better for a man than that he should eat and drink and make himself enjoy good in his labor. Even this, I have seen, is from the hand of God.

Ecclesiastes 2:24

The reason why you rise up early and go to bed late at night and eat what you will means you have liberty and freedom. If you do not have liberty and freedom you can do nothing about your life.

This freedom is a gift from God and not from human efforts that distinguishes you.

For who separates you from the others [as a faction leader]? [Who makes you superior and sets you apart from another, giving you the preeminence?] What have you that was not given to you? If then you received it [from someone], why do you boast as if you had not received [but had gained it by your own efforts]?

1 Corinthians 4:7

But you shall [earnestly] remember the Lord your God, for it is He Who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.

Deuteronomy 8:18

Ancestral covenant programs the future. Whatever has been agreed on by ancestral covenant determines the circumstances that befall generations thereafter.

The children of Israel must come into glory because this glory has been programmed by a covenant between Abraham and God. They are coming into wealth and power not because of their effort but because of a preceding agreement that stood between Abraham and God on their behalf.

He had a covenant to make Abraham great, make his name great and make his descendants prosper and multiply and in his seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed.


And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you [with abundant increase of favors] and make your name famous and distinguished, and you will be a blessing [dispensing good to others].

And I will bless those who bless you [who confer prosperity or happiness upon you] and curse him who curses or uses insolent language toward you; in you will all the families and kindred of the earth be blessed [and by you they will bless themselves]

Genesis 12:2-3

When you become born again, you get hooked to the covenant God made with Abraham through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. This covenant is superior to the ancestral covenant that was established in your background.

You need to go to the supreme court of heaven and demand that according to the covenant that you have succeeded and your allegiance to the blood of Jesus, it is imperative that wealth ,riches, honor and glory is your middle name.





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