The Gift of God

Destroying The Secret Behind The Covenant

People go to school and after completion, they are certified with a certificate establishing the fact they have been trained particularly for something. Society has also set systems that it is only what has been trained that fits into it. You cannot be trained as a medical doctor and end up in Unilever; no it rarely happens.

So God in His infinite wisdom has also established that within the body of Christ. People will be given special skills or special grace to be glorified out there to bring in harvest. And this harvest is based on unction or the establishment of a unique power that God places upon you and it is not disputable. It is something that cuts you out, something that makes sure that what is yours never goes to another.

You cannot be called Kofi and somebody, Yaw and both of you have the same destinies. Even if it was 12 midnight before he was born on a Thursday, and you are born on a Friday your destinies cannot be misplaced or transferred.

Every child of God has some special abilities and it that unction upon you, that determines how far you can rise in life.

God bless you.

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