The Unction brings Empowerment

What is the unction? It is the outward manifestation of the empowerment of the Spirit of the living God. This empowerment comes with special abilities and people can see these abilities. They may try to copy it but they can’t do it.

There is a Spirit behind the empowerment. That Spirit is called the Holy Spirit. Empowerment is an aspect of the ability of the Holy Spirit; His very nature that God allows the Spirit to endow inside you; to pour it into you. The holy Spirit has 7 components; the Spirit of Wisdom, the Spirit of Understanding, the Spirit of the fear of the Lord, the Spirit of Might, the Spirit of Power, the Spirit of Counsel and the Spirit of the Lord.

So he can pour an aspect of the Spirit of might into you. What that means is that you are equipped to carry heavy things that an ordinary man cannot carry. I am not talking about heavy cargo. I am talking about the special ability to cater for about 100 people without sweat.

You cannot compare the unction on Yonghi Cho to that of Chris Oyakhilome. Yonghi cho is carrying 21,000,000 sitting capacity. It is an unusual ability.

The late Billy Graham fills a sports stadium but does not do miracles. It is an ability of the Holy Ghost; receive that unction.

God bless you.

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