Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls:

Matthew 13:45

The Kingdom turns you into a dissatisfactory person. Some people are satisfied with one car but when you have the kingdom, based on the unction that is on you, it opens you up. God can grant you the might to take care of 100 people without sweat and still have your strength intact. You take care of the whole family, your nieces and nephews and brothers, provide for everybody and still come out without loosing your strength. It opens you up for capacity to contain more. Do you know people are importing over 10 containers every month to this country; one man business. Another is struggling. One container a year. The Gist makes the difference.

Somebody came to sit in my office. He said pastor what do you use here for and then I said church service and then he said no, that is not enough. Let the people rent the place for engagement and all kinds of events. I said no you are a business man but the sanctity and the consecration of here to the things of God matters to me more than money. You see so he is seeing money and I am seeing Holiness. Based on what God has given him he is seeing something else and I am also seeing something else. Two people are never the same.

Imagine I produce palm wine and I have two people who work with me and I sack one, my mode of operation and standard will be replicated. So I will find the same quality of palm wine next door because the person that was with me has been affected by it. So God is saying when you find the treasure sell everything and buy it, possess it and don’t trade it for anything. There is a song that says “You are the hope of my life, I won’t trade you for silver or gold. You mean more than this world to me”.

Do not trade the treasure for anything else.

God bless you.

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ACI Horsemen Cathedral is the Tema Community 12 branch of Action Chapel International under the leadership of Archbishop Nucholas Duncan Williams. Locate our church at Solace Hospital, Tema Community 12. Pay us a visit and be blessed by this Great Christian Ministry.

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